Celebrities' Weight Loss Secret, Paul McCartney's Vegan Mission, Jimmy Fallon Greens Late Night, and More

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Celebs are always hungry for a good pound-dropping diet. The nasty (not to mention unhealthy) Master Cleanse was last years go-to fix. This year stars are going green to get lean and mean. Ellen De Generes and Alanis Morrissette credit their recent weight loss to their newly adopted vegan lifestyle. De Generes and wife, Portia De Rossi both went meat and dairy-free late last year and De Rossi says it's already paying off, adding, "The benefit of it is weight loss. For her more than me. Her body responded to it very well." According to OK magazine, Alanis dropped 20 pounds and feels hi-energy after switching to a vegan diet. "I have no more aches and pains, and my allergies are gone too," reveals Alanis.

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Paul McCartney's Vegan Mission:

Beatles icon Paul Mc Cartney publicly praises the health benefits of a green diet. The 66-year old activist recently hailed a vegetarian diet (treehugger has lots of veggie recipes)as "the most important thing people could do for the planet." Sir Paul adds, "Cattle rearing is one of the most destructive human activities on Earth, and at this point, it's taking a bigger toll on the planet than airplanes and cars. Find out more: LA Weekly
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Jimmy Fallon Greens Late Night:

"Late Night" TV gets a "green" makeover. The SNL alum wants both a green office and to build one of the first completely green TV studios. Fallon's late night gig begins March 2nd and folks are hard at work building his dream green set. "Everything is recycled," Fallon reveals to the New York Post, "We are building everything with recycled metals and using all green lighting." Find out more: New York Post

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Celine Cousteau Preserves Grandfather's Legacy:

The granddaugther of the legendary ocean explorer leads expeditions raising awareness about the oceans' environmental challenges. Her latest venture: Celine teamed with the beauty company La Prairie to launch their eco-friendly skincare, Advanced Marine Biology Collection, which helps educate women on the importance of marine preservation. What gives the products its green beauty are fermented algae extracts, which come from plants grown from sustainable, land-based aquaculture. "This is an excellent example of the responsible use of the ocean's incredible resources without endangering its precious eco-system," adds Celine. Find out more: La Prairie
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