Celebrities Tell Facebook to Ditch Coal (Video)

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Screengrab via Greenpeace's Facebook Page

Awhile back, Greenpeace launched a campaign against Facebook telling the company to "unfriend" coal as a power source for its data center slated to go up in Oregon. The activist group wants Facebook to publicly commit to 100% renewable energy for the thousands of servers that will keep hundreds of millions of people connected and playing Farmville. And now, the company is getting celebrities on its side, starting with this video message...

Greenpeace's Facebook fan page has 59,480 "likes" as of this writing, hoping to see Facebook bow to public pressure. In addition, the group reports that they have over 600,000 supporters showing their strength through their own Facebook groups, apps, and mailing list sign-ups.

It's an impressive number, but they'll need a whole, whole, whole lot more people on board to get Facebook to consider switching. And their goal date is this coming Earth Day. That means they need some celeb power.

While no other names are currently mentioned, I'm told that there are more eco-celebs on board beyond Begley Jr.

While the entire IT sector needs to focus on using renewable energy for data centers, and maximizing data center energy efficiency, Greenpeace is starting with Facebook because of it's ridiculous popularity, visibility, and the fact that its pending data center is HUGE. It's a smart move, and if you want to see the social networking site lay off coal, we suggest you add your thumb up to the Greenpeace fan page.

Watch live streaming video from worldeconomicforum02 at livestream.com

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