Celebrities Speak Up for Dolphins, Stella McCartney Makes a Big Move, and More

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The team behind The Cove, the Oscar-winning documentary that explores the annual slaughter of 20,000 dolphins in Japan, have another outreach program in mind: They're collecting signatures on a petition to end the practice that they plan to pass onto the Japanese Embassy and Japan's Minister of Health. But they aren't doing it alone:A PSA released by the group this week has plenty of A-list support, with appearances from Jennifer Aniston, Robin Williams, Paul Rudd, Mariska Hargitay, Woody Harrelson, Courtney Cox, Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, and many other famous faces who discuss the amazing intelligence, personality, and life-saving skills of their "friend," the dolphin. Watch the full ad below and visit The Cove for details on signing the petition.

Stella McCartney's Green Move

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Vegan fashion designer Stella McCartney expanded her retail locations with a new store in Milan--one that she hopes will be as eco-friendly as the clothes and accessories (all fur- and cruelty-free) that fill it. The store, which includes a parquet floor made of sustainable oak, is located in an 18th-century building--and The New York Times reports that McCartney's next goal is to have the store LEED certified. The certification goes to buildings that are water and energy efficient, give off reduced amounts of carbon emissions, and have high indoor air quality ratings. (Via Vegetarian Star)

Ted Danson's Big Green Achievement

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The Daily Green's annual Heart of Green awards honored Ted Danson with a Lifetime Achievement Award at their gala at Manhattan's LEED gold-certified Hearst Tower this week. Danson, who founded the American Oceans Campaign--which later merged with Oceana--has spent decades focused on protecting and preserving oceans, from complicated issues like ocean acidification to suggestions on what kind of sushi to order. But he told The Daily Green that he knows his background as an actor won't always make him the most reliable source: "Why should we listen to Sam Malone talk about fish and world trade organizations? My hope is as long as I stand next to somebody who does have credibility, who is the world's best marine biologist, who is one of the top policy makers or economists or lawyers, then I do stand a chance."

Isabella Rossellini's Animal Attraction

Actress Isabella Rossellini follows up the success of her Green Porno series--which used wild costumes and wit to discuss the sex lives of marine animals--with Seduce Me, a series of short films about animal foreplay. From the twisted relationship between snakes to the sly seduction of a cuttlefish, the actress uses detailed puppets, paper models, bright costumes, and simple, scientific details to explain the techniques animals rely on for reproduction. The introductory video here gives a sneak peek of the series, but you can see the rest of the two-minutes clips on duck, salmon, cuttlefish, snakes, and bedbugs at SundanceChannel.com. (Via Mother Nature Network )

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