Celebrate World Ocean Day 2006


June 8th was designated World Ocean Day at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. While the UN doesn't recognize the celebration officially, organizations and cities around the world have a whole range of activities planned to honor the value of the Earth's oceans, and to promote efforts to conserve them as a vital natural resource. If you're looking for a event in your area, or simply want to take time to learn more about the contributions oceans make to our well-being, a wide range of resources are available today and year-round:

  • The Ocean Project has a massive list (15 pages) of celebrations occurring around the world. (in PDF)

  • Mother Jones magazine has created Ocean Voyager, a multimedia "five-part journey to defend our oceans." Registration is required, and gives you access to a wealth of educational materials.

  • The Nature Conservancy also has a central location for its Global Marine Initiative, which contains information about the world's oceans, the threats they face, and action you can take.

  • The Canadian Wildlife Federation has created a site dedicated to the celebration with information on the different organizations in the country involved in ocean protection

That's likely only the tip of the iceberg: let us know what's going on your community or with your organization to celebrate the bounty our oceans provide, and efforts to sustain them. :: World Ocean Day