Celebrate World Fair Trade Day on Saturday

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It's World Fair Trade Day's 60th birthday on May 9 and time to celebrate with a Big Bang!! That's the theme this year: "bang something (anything) with spoons, sticks, hands, fingers, friends, family, neighbours, a crowd, an audience, a solution. Beat poverty beat climate change beat economic crisis."

Big Bang!! is a chance to salute the people and organizations who have dedicated themselves to making Fair Trade a solution not an issue. To kick off the day, there will be a rolling programme of drumming events, starting with a solo drummer at dawn in New Zealand and continuing around the earth with indigenous people drumming in Samoa at sunset on May 9.

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Image from WFTO

Fair Trade today is a global movement. Over a million small-scale producers and workers are organized in as many as 3,000 grassroots organizations and their umbrella structures in over 50 countries.

To celebrate this diversity, this year's world-wide event is a global festival, filled with activities across the earth that raise awareness of the importance of a fair trade solution to poverty, climate change and the economic crisis.

How Can We Celebrate World Fair Trade Day?

You can do your bit by buying and supporting fair trade products. To you it may be just a banana, or a tee-shirt but to the business that made it, it is money in the bank and a chance for a better life.

You can organise an event in your area.

Or you can attend an event. They range from lectures at the British Museum to street fairs.

As the President of the WFTO says: "We have called it BIG BANG!! because it is the start of a new way of thinking and living. Please do not hide in the shadows, be sure to do your part. You have an opportunity unlike any before. Be the change. " World Fair Trade Day
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