Celebrate International Caps Lock Day (Better Late Than Never)


TreeHugger covers every little energy saving trick for computers, from Blackle to tweaking your sleep mode even as silly as deleting your old Gmail. But how about that other huge energy and time waster, the extra keys pressed and time spent correcting the coPY THAT WE HAVE TO ERASE BEcause we hit the damn caps lock key. Others have rallied to this cause, and even celebrate October 22 as International Caps Lock Day, which ranks up there with Talk Like a Pirate Day and Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month in our Pantheon of Important lifecycle events. Of course, we missed it.

caps lock image

Lifehacker celebrates the occasion with easy instructions for killing it on a Mac. I have reprogrammed it as a Command key and it takes my back to CPM/Wordstar days, where that's where the CTRL key was, and where it should have remained. Already my hand is more relaxed. Instructions for a PC are only slightly more complicated. Save the time and energy wasted in all those unecessary keystrokes at ::LifeHacker
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