Celebrate 4th of July the Vegan Way in Austin Texas

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Celebrate America’s Growing Independence from Meat
We recently included Austin, Texas in the Five Greenest Cities to Visit to the surprise of many readers for whom the Lone Star State brings to mind oil and ranches. Now we learn that Independence Day 2009 will be celebrated in Austin by the third Annual Veggie Hot Dog Eating Contest. Austin's famous Vegan Firefighters helped inspire the event.The Veggie Hot Dog Eating event is organized by I love Mike Litt, an organization that promotes "culture, the arts, & progressive values with lots of community participation." Not to mention Mike Litt.

Mike explains the origin of the contest, running under the rubrick "Revenge of the Buns" this year:

Over the Memorial Day weekend two years ago, we started the 1st Ever Veggie Hot Dog Eating Contest with the local Famous Plant-Powered Vegan Firefighters. This year’s Revenge of the Buns, will be our 20th event since the first contest. Additionally, we had the opportunity this year to put together 5 vegan and green themed events for a winning City Council candidate who frequently talked about tapping into Austin's vibrant culture and building a truly green economy.

You can check out last year's fun on Flickr, then learn more or sign up to compete at Veggie Dog Contest. There's never been a better time to visit Austin!

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