Cate Blanchett Invests in Solar, January Jones Supports Sharks, and More

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Investing in a new company can make even celebrities anxious, but for Cate Blanchett, backing green energy has paid off: In 2008, she agreed to invest in West Coast solar power company Sungevity, which has since increased its market share from 0.4 percent to 2.9 percent. The company offers residential solar installation from pre-packaged kits in California, Colorado, and Arizona, and allows homeowners to pay for their solar panels with "no money down and a monthly payment that can be offset by the savings on their electricity bill," according to Reuters. Sungevity also just secured another $15 million in funding, which it plans to use to set up shop on the East Coast. (Via Mother Nature Network)

January Jones Supports Sharks

January Jones is Scared for Sharks from Oceana on Vimeo.

Video: Oceana January Jones has been standing up for our finned friends since she became the spokesperson for Oceana's Scared for Sharks campaign in early 2009, appearing in PSAs that spread the word about the dangers of shark finning. When Congress passed a bill banning the practice this week, she blogged about the good it will do on The Huffington Post. "Having swum with sharks large and small, I can tell you, they are magnificent creatures, and they don't deserve to be killed for a bowl of soup," she writes. "They have been on the planet for more than 400 million years and as apex predators, they play a vital role in maintaining the health of the ocean ecosystems."

Leonardo DiCaprio Named Highest Grossing Actor of 2010

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In between making green sexy, working with the WWF, and winning our Reader's Choice Award for Best Celebrity Activist, Leonardo DiCaprio found time this year to make some movies, too: Forbes reports that he topped the list of highest-grossing actors in 2010, with "Inception" and "Shutter Island" bringing in a combined $1.1 billion in box office profits. The magazine estimates that DiCaprio will earn $50 million just for his work on the solar-powered set of "Inception" -- which could mean he'll have the funds to make more donations like his recent $1 million gift to the WWF for tiger conservation.

Jenny McCarthy Launches New Eco-Friendly Product Line

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons Jenny McCarthy joins Soleil Moon Frye, Stella McCartney, and the other celebrity moms whose kids inspired their green product lines with a collection of eco-friendly bedding called "Too Good," scheduled to hit stories in spring or summer 2011. Ecorazzi reports that the line will use "materials that are non-toxic, 100% recyclable, and PVC free," and that the actress has focused on "kid-friendly" patterns, including animals, sports, and teddy bears. She also wants to keep the line of sheets, towels, and decor inexpensive, with prices starting at $17. (Via Ecorazzi)

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