Catch Tonight's TV Premiere of The Lazy Environmentalist on Sundance Channel

Most of us know Josh Dorfman for being lazy. I didn’t say it, he did—having dubbed himself 'The Lazy Environmentalist' in his book, blog and podcast. Now, the eco-entrepreneur is taking his lackadaisical ways to the small screen, hosting a seven-part original series called, you guessed it: The Lazy Environmentalist.

Premiering tonight, June 16, at 9pm ET/PT on Sundance Channel’s THE GREEN, the show follows Josh on his quest to drive his green message home to those less than eco-zealous. His philosophy being that you can be green in the most minimal, easy and cost-friendly way and still make a big, positive difference in the world.

Check out clips from the show after the jump!Episodes are broken down in segments following Josh and his different environmental skeptical, makeover subjects varying from working professionals operating in a whole range of fields—from fashion, food, education, business and design—to brides-to-be, college students and families, like this one:

As the clip above shows, Josh isn't afraid to spew out some serious statistics and dire facts, but the show isn’t meant to be a gloom fest and the Lazy Groomer segment (due to tech issues, I couldn't embed the clip so click over to the show's website to view it) proves it. In this green makeover, Josh helps a dog groomer green up her doggy watching ways, including a switch from chemical dog treats to more natural ones. Josh hams it up taste-testing one of the doggie treats himself!

From the little taste I’ve gotten, The Lazy Environmentalist seems a recipe for success—offering actionable ways people can re-assess their lifestyle choices, providing green solutions and all the while mixing in a little fun, lighthearted entertainment along the way. Not such a difficult task with Josh’s natural guy-next-door charm and upbeat outlook.

Catch the premiere episode tonight, June 16, at 9pm ET/PT on Sundance’s THE GREEN.

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