Cat Born in Tree Refuses to Come Down

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Sure, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but sometimes a cat never leaves it at all. Last June, a litter of cats was born high up in the branches of a maple tree in Green County, Wisconsin -- and seven months later, one of those kittens still remains, apparently unwilling to face life on the ground. The tree's owner, Ron Venden, says that he's not once seen the cat come down from its arboreal home. "I've tried to bring it down a couple times and it starts scratching," he says.With the cat's decision to live in the tree, Venden has taken efforts to make life among the branches as comfortable as possible for him -- he's even given it a name: Almond. Since it was born last summer, he's hasn't been spotted once venturing down to check out things on the ground, and even now in the snowy northern winter.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, life in the tree has actually been pretty cozy for Almond.

"I think it's because I'm treating it too good," said Venden, who at least twice a day climbs a ladder about 12 feet up to check on and feed Almond. He's also made a protected straw bed for the cat in a hollow of the tree, set up a dry cat food feeder and provides daily deliveries of fresh food, which Wednesday morning included a bowl of salami, meatloaf and milk.

"I kind of enjoy it," Venden said of caring for Almond, although he admits: "The neighbors think I'm goofy."

Once again, the extent of human sympathies for the animal world has proven itself seemingly limitless in the kindheartedness of folks like Ron Venden who so lovingly tends to a cat that has shunned the terrestrial life. One day, perhaps, Almond will decide to descend from his tree to experience the pleasure of a good petting, the joy of stalking some lowly critter through a grassy field, or maybe just to satisfy his curiosity of the world below.

But then again, there's a chance he's heard what curiosity can do to cats.

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