Casting The Lorax, Celebrities Against Proposition 23, and More

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The Lorax, a timeless environmental story from Dr. Seuss, is set to hit movie theaters in 2012 with a 3-D animated update to the classic cartoon -- and with Zac Efron voicing the role of Ted while Betty White plays his grandmother. But which actor nabbed the title role?According to USA Today, the orange Lorax will get his personality from Danny DeVito, who believes the movie could be the kind of kid-friendly eye-opener we need to bring about more environmental action. "Look, I don't want to be gruff about it, but we've got to wake up and smell the oil burning," DeVito says. "I feel sometimes the only way to get things done is shake people up a little bit, and the Lorax is not a guy who pussyfoots around. He's not a guy who uses kid gloves." "The Office" paper salesman Ed Helms will lend his voice to the Once-ler, and Rob Riggle (who you'll recognize as the cop from "The Hangover") will provide the voice for O'Hare, a new villain who turns a profit by selling containers of clean air. (Via Mother Nature Network)

James Cameron Fights Proposition 23

Video: YouTube James Cameron speaks out against California's Proposition 23 -- a bill that would halt activity related to the required reduction in greenhouse gases that the state approved in 2006 -- joining other celebrities who oppose the change (including David Arquette and Robert Redford). But he's not the only advocate who appears in the video: Watch for a special appearance from one of his stars toward the end. (Via Grist)

A Bid to Support Jane Goodall

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Support the Jane Goodall Institute by participating in the organization's fall auction with CharityBuzz, where you can win time with your favorite celebrity while contributing to Goodall's efforts to improve understanding and conservation of primates. Bid on a tour of Central Park with Candice Bergen, lunch with Ed Begley, Jr., and lunch or a Skype chat with Jane Goodall herself -- or on items from musicians and filmmakers, including The Art of Star Wars, signed by George Lucas; a guitar signed by Ben Harper, and a limited edition concert poster signed by Dave Matthews. (Via Ecorazzi)

Adrian Grenier Calls for Bluefin Protection

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As the International Convention to Conserve Atlantic Tunas gears up for its annual convention, actor Adrian Grenier challenged the organization to conserve bluefins in a blog on The Huffington Post. Grenier, who's been working with Oceana to campaign for the bluefin's conservation, describes his own experience swimming with the fish (which are one of the ocean's fastest predators), and explains how their decreasing numbers put the entire ocean ecosystem in danger before calling on ICCAT to encourage a change. "Earlier this year, several nations were calling for a total ban on fishing for Atlantic bluefin tuna," he writes. "ICCAT could at least follow scientists' recommendations to cut way back on bluefin fishing, allowing this incredible creature the chance to thrive." (Via The Huffington Post)

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