Cartridge World Offers Schools Opportunity to Raise Funds While Recycling


With Labor Day around the corner and students and teachers across the country heading back to school there’s often a need to raise funds for one project or another. One great way to do it may be by partnering up with a company like Cartridge World, which provides you with the box to collect empty printer cartridges, then cuts you a check when you return it to them with the empty cartridges inside. That way you’re keeping the them out of the landfill while raising the cash to take that trip or buy that new school gadget at the same time.

And it turns out they’re also teaming up with the Go Green Initiative this fall to provide educators, students and PTA members with 20% discount on recycled cartridges at any of their stores through the month of September. Of course, that’s as long as you’ve got the membership card or I.D. badge to prove you’re a member or student. And with roughly 100,000 schools across the country theoretically able to get involved by either purchasing recycled cartridges or participating in a cartridge recycling program I’m willing to bet it adds up to a whole lot of trash we can keep out of landfills and a whole lot of cash for our schools to make good use of as well...

via:: Franchise News

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