Cartoonist Shows Sardonic Eco-Humor is Alive and Well

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Image via Seppo Leinonen
Ecopreneurist is highlighting some art from Seppo Leinonen, a cartoonist out of Finland, who perfectly captures that tongue-in-cheek tone that makes acknowledging the environmental destruction we're imposing on the planet nearly digestible. Seppo writes:
I was born in the city of Kajaani in 1957, and I have studied forestry and fine arts in Helsinki. I live with my wife, three sons and two cats in a old wooden house in the countryside. I like to observe small and large creatures and phenomena in both nature and politics.

Studying forestry and fine arts - how cool is that??

And while ultimately none of the earth's problems are funny, we have to infuse humor wherever we can because, well, that just makes saving the world a lot more fun.

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Check out tons more at Seppo's website.
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