Cartoonist draws attention to climate change with humor

Arctic Circle cartoon
© Alex Hallatt

Alex Hallatt's 'Arctic Circle' comic, with its fun yet scientific approach, has been going strong for 10 years.

When Alex Hallatt started drawing her ‘Arctic Circle’ comic ten years ago, she never dreamed it would still be going strong in 2017. The environmental issues that were just starting to appear on people’s radar have remained front-and-center, mired in divisive debate and making her artistic-political commentary more relevant than ever.

‘Arctic Circle’ has been syndicated with King Features since 2007. (We even wrote about it on TreeHugger way back then!). It tells the ongoing story of three little penguins who moved to the small town of Snowpeak in the North Pole, where they hang out with friends – a polar bear, snow bunny, lemming, and an Arctic tern. Their adventures and commentaries are cleverly designed by Hallatt to draw attention to climate change, pollution, and, as described in a press release, "everything the 21st century has thrown at them, including fashion, Facebook, and genetic modification gone wild."

Hallatt told the Washington Post in an interview for World Oceans Day yesterday:

“One thing that surprises me is that I am still writing about the same environmental issues that I was at the beginning. I thought most of us would be on the same page by now, in terms of acting against climate change, for example… I would have given up creating it some time ago, if I felt I didn’t have something to say.”

Hallatt is a UK-born biochemist, children's author, and avid outdoorswoman who currently lives in Spain. She laments the fact that protecting the environment has become a partisan issue: “It is a matter of fact, not of opinion.” She hopes that using humor and art to educate about the threats facing the planet will entertain while spreading awareness, making a tough topic easier to digest.

You can see more of Hallatt's work at Arctic Circle Cartoons and Alex

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