Carry Your Own Cutlery

Jacob told us last year about a movement in Asia to encourage people to bring their own chopsticks to reduce the waste caused by 45 billion pairs thrown out each year. Rider at Sustainable is Good notes that it would not be such a bad idea over here, where millions of sets of plastic cutlery go into the garbage every day.

There is some really nice stuff out there as well; Snow Peak, a high end ultralight camping gear company, sells this titanium set that can last a lifetime. Only 1.8 oz, (52 grams) with a carrying pouch for thirty bucks. There are cheaper alternatives but none so light and so durable.

Rider notes that there are lots of "products marketed towards a specific community that are virtually unknown to other segments of the marketplace but yet could be quite successful if they were." For example, the snow peak cutlery is "marketed toward hikers concerned about the overall weight of their packs" but could have "huge potential in the green marketplace."

Can you think of any others like this?

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