Carnival of the Green's Launch Week

Yesterday kicked off the first week of Carnival of the Green, a roving digest of the green blogosphere brought to you by City Hippy and Triple Pundit. The Carnival of the Green will roam like a real carnival, from blog to blog, on a weekly basis. Each week, on Mondays, a new green blog will host the Carnival and will provide, in one single post, a digest of the posts other green bloggers have submitted for consideration during the previous week (Friday to Friday). A few of the hosting blogs, to date, include: Sustainablog, The Ideal Bite and The Hip & Zen Pen. We love this type of stuff that gets people out there involved (see Starbucks Challenge). It’s easy, fun and successful because of you! Check it out! Carnival of the Green ::At City Hippy ::At Triple Pundit