CarFree City, USA: Walk Away From Oil

We've written about the necessity for something like carfree cities before, and the need is no less urgent now. But what can a little old lone treehugger do get something done, short of digging a 3 foot deep trench around your town's civic center? Why, band together with a bunch of other treehuggers! Carfree City, USA is a nonprofit organization founded in 2003 with the goal of creating the first "carfree city" in the USA.With a number of prospective sites ranging from Vermont, to Wisconsin, to California, the members of Carfree City are extremely excited about their goal. While the methods for it's implementation are sketchy, the idea is interesting. Many notable European cities are largely, or entirely car-free, or at least pedestrian centered, whereas very few US cities would qualify. Obviously, being built before cars is a major factor, but the benefits of a pedestrian center are compelling. If you have the ear of your local government, or just some time to give, Carfree City seems like a worthy and interesting cause.
:: Carfree City USA [by DM]