Care2 New Site Design, Inspired Economist Launches, All Cars to be Hybrids by 2020, and More

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Care2: New Look, Same Folks by Randy Paynter
"Our new design is now live today after many months of planning and hard work. A big Thank You to the fantastic efforts of all the Care2 employees who poured their hearts and souls into making this a reality."

EcoGeek: New Report: All New Cars Will Be Hybrids By 2020 by Jaymi Heimbuch
"IBM’s Institute for Business Value has interviewed 125 anonymous car industry executives from 15 countries and has come to the conclusion, among several conclusions, that by 2020, all new cars will be hybrids."Enviroblog: Carnival of the Green #141 by Amanda Hanley
"New around here? Enviroblog focuses on our everyday exposures to toxic chemicals, and what we and the government can do to stop it. Enviroblog is a project of the non-profit Environmental Working Group."

Green Thing: Tom Aikens and co taste tap
by Do The Green Thing.
"On a hot summer’s morning in Tom’s Kitchen in West London, seven chefs and sommeliers gathered to put together final drop of the tap water story for Green Thing. We already know that tap water makes mineral look environmentally criminal, is just as healthy and costs a thousand times less – but if tastes like stagnant puddles (whatever they taste like), no one’s gonna drink the stuff."

The Inspired Economist: Welcome to The Inspired Economist by John-Paul Maxfield
"It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to The Inspired Economist (IE). The goal of this blog is to highlight the matrix of economic and social trends transforming capitalism, and the individuals and companies applying passion and innovation to economic and environmental challenges."

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