Cardboard Empire State Building: From NYC Icon to American Idol of Energy Efficiency (Video, Photos)

Yesterday, Matthew gave you the detailed rundown on Empire State Building Going Green: Major Energy Efficiency Improvement Retrofit Announced. Here's a video with some history on the NYC Icon, now striving to become the American Idol of energy efficiency achieved by means of retrofiting. The clip features the team from Rocky Mountain Institute and goes into the planning process. Bonus: check out photos of a cardboard, flat-pack Empire State Building after the jump.


iPhone photos by George Spyros

As part of Ikea's ad campaign for the launch of its Red Hook, Brooklyn store featuring the largest waterfront park in that borough (using reclaimed materials as well as planted with native grasses and flowers), a number of NYC icons were rendered using cardboard boxes from flat-packed products.




EcoWonk | Susty

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