CarbonNeutral's All Celebrity Forests

From taxicabs to soccer matches, carbon neutrality is gaining a lot of momentum these days. One of the major organizations leading the trend is the CarbonNeutral Company - formerly known as Future Forests (perhaps the controversy led to the name change?). We've mentioned their celebrity program in past posts, but a closer look at their website shows off some pretty cool names. In spite of the uncertainty about the efficacy of carbon offsetting, the Celebrity Forests program does reveal some of the who's who of a growing list of "green celebs" who are making environmental protection a priority. Dido, Atomic Kitten, and Iron Maiden are just a few celebs who have supported tree planting programs via CarbonNeutral. CarbonNeutral uses funds to plant trees in areas designated as "celebrity forests" to soak up the global warming gas, carbon dioxide, produced by making CDs or running tours - and so helping music stars reduce their contribution to climate change.

Here's a short list of some of the celeb's forest projects. You can go to the CarbonNeutral site to purchase trees that will be planted in forests dedicated to the artists.

Beth Orton
To make her latest album 'Daybreaker' Carbon Neutral, Beth Orton has chosen to support forestry in the Scolel Te Social Forestry Project in Chiapas, Mexico.

To make their album "Knowing Everyone's Okay" carbon neutral, Belasco planted the Belasco forest in Leipzig. The band felt it was a great way for them to say danke to Germany for their support.

Dido has supported enough forestry in Mozambique to "neutralise" the CO2 emissions that were given off as a result of producing her new album.

Foo Fighters
The band is supporting forestry as their personal contribution to fighting global warming in Tensas River forest and wildlife reserve in Louisiana.

Melanie C
Melanie's trees have been planted in the Gorongoza National Park in Mozambique. This site is under threat of damage by the unauthorized hunting and coal logging carried out by refugees that live there. The local comunities have joined forces with the government to restore the site to it's natural beauty.

Dominic Monaghan
Dominic, who played Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck in The Lord of the Rings, is CarbonNeutral. He has supported mango forestry in Bangalore India to absorb the CO2 he produces in a year.