Carbon Offsets or Community Tree Planting: The Eco Worriers Explore (Video)

eco worriers show wales photo

Image credit: Daf Palfrey

Not content to leave green film making to the likes of Age of Stupid and An Inconvenient Truth, last week we took a look at what some hard hitting German eco-humor looks like. This week we're taking a lighter turn courtesy of the Welsh - with the first in Daf Palfrey's Eco Worriers series. We get to see how positive, community action can inspire change in the most cynical of souls, not to mention an expose of the seedier side of peddling carbon offsets. And for the more seriously minded, we'll also explore how tree planting is helping fight alienation and unemployment in rural Wales. The Eco Worriers series features Boyd Clack and Rhodri Thomas from cult BBC series Satellite City. Funded by Cynnal Cymru - Sustain Wales, Future episodes will cover other sustainability issues - presumably in a similarly irreverent fashion.

Eco-Worriers: Episode 1 from Daf Palfrey on Vimeo.

And for a more serious take on why this stuff matters - the movie below features gives you the dirt on Tri yn Un's community tree planting that was featured in the Eco Worriers.

Saplings from Tantrwm Limited on Vimeo.

With thanks to Rob Hopkins and the ever excellent Transition Culture for bringing this to my attention.

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