Carbon Cops Chase Big Brother And EcoHouse


Television producers are always trying to tap the mood of their audience. More viewers means more revenue, whether as a commercial advertising driven medium, or a public broadcaster competing for tax payer dollars. So it is pleasing to see TV is reading the tea leaves and seeing a green future. In the past we noted such so called reality television shows as Ecotopia, Easy Being Green, 'The Green Apprentice', and even Wife Swap! Australia has, this year, entered the fray in a big way. In the state of Queensland, the building housing Big Brother inmates had a green makeover from photovoltaic, herb gardens, grey water, right down to recycled content furniture. Then we had the SBS EcoHouse Challenge, which pitted two West Australian families against the issues of energy, waste, water and transport. This TreeHugger found the format bit jumpy due to the volume of information they tried to impart is such a short timeframe. But must be an old fuddy duddy, because it had a friend's eight and eleven year daughters glued to the tube, turning to their father, exclaiming, "That was cool. Can we do that, too, Dad? Seems to have been a ratings success too, as a second season is in the planning, with willing families invited to express their interest. Next cab off the ranks is our ABC's Carbon Cops, coming Tuesday 26 June 07. The format of the six part series seems strikingly similar to EcoHouse: "Each episode will feature one household that will have their home's structure, appliances, vehicles and habits assessed for energy efficiency. They will then be challenged to make physical and lifestyle changes to significantly reduce their energy use." Apparently in the first episode, the daughter of the family (Mmmm, do we detect a theme? Could women be the planet's secret solution?) wants to take her kin from a 60 tonne family to a zero carbon one!::Carbon Cops.

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