Carbon Clear Offsets Your...Diapers?


TreeHugger has previously reported on the carbon-neutrality of events (like this years' Olympic Games and World Cup), companies (like EcoTone Publishing and Working Assets) and even movie productions (as with Syriana). Clearly, it's no longer just about cars or travel; these days, it's possible to make sure just about anything doesn't contribute to climate change. The latest (and perhaps oddest to date) addition comes courtesy of the UK's Carbon Clear, which offers to make your baby's disposable diapers carbon neutral. While we prefer biodegradable or compostable, the entrance of such common consumer products into the climate-neutral market is either a sign that the cooling-climate trend is entering the mainstream, or that the apocalypse is nearly upon us...we can't decide. TreeHugger does know that every little bit helps, and we're glad to see that you can now get babies started on TreeHugging at an early age. ::Carbon Clear via ::Hugg (site in beta)