Carbon Clear Adds Offsets for Cloth Diapers


The first time we covered Carbon Clear's carbon offsets for disposable diapers, the response was a little lukewarm: yeah, that's nice, but they're still disposable and they still fill up landfills. Users of the service had to debate: better to foul the waste stream or the atmosphere? We're happy to find that the debate is no longer necessary; Carbon Clear has done the math and added a cloth diaper offset option to its portfolio of services. Now, fans of the organic cotton reusable cloth diaper can also do good by the atmosphere and offset their baby's diaper use; two and a half years' worth costs £6.84 (plus postage & packing), while disposable use over the same period can be offset for £7.80. So no matter what you're diaper inclination, you can now help insure that our planet's a little cooler by the time the little ones grow up. ::Carbon Clear via ::Hugg