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Created partly in response to the flailing economy and partly in response to this new revival in all things relating to green and stimulus, the LiveandLove.TV network interviews and profiles green entrepreneurs in all shapes and sizes. Want to learn how to grow your own commercial scale mushrooms? Just tune in. How about what it takes to make your own organic lemonade stand? Yep, they've got that too. Many of these jobs seem so romantic and idyllic, but what is the reality of running your own organic farmers market? will show you now.The video clips are each just a few minutes long and include interviews with the local folks on the front line of their green industry. has several channels, several of which are eco-themed: raw food channel, life channel, love channel, employment channel and the arts channel. The employment channel, in particular, is designed to get community members interested in a green economy to help make it happen. Instead of just offering you job listings, the site offers you the how-to to create your own green business. Why complain about the glut of big-box chain stores when you have the tools in front of you to create you own local, sustainable, green business.

Some of the videos are deep, ("Who is God?"), while others are not (Chocolate Love - where one man explores his love of all things, including chocolate). Many of the "life" videos focus on community, localism, slowing down and getting back to what matters. If you want to be educated, ignited and inspired to find you passion and make it happen, is the fuel to light that fire.

Viewership does require membership, which includes a one-time $9USD membership fee, which lasts a lifetime. What a deal! Or, you can choose a pay-per-view option to just view individual videos, but after 3 views you've bought yourself a membership.
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