Canoe Made from Sheep Poo To Cross English Channel

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image via Earthfirst

Lawrence Toms and Lez Paylor make paper from sheep poo in Wales, which is a story in itself. They are so confident of their product that they have covered a kayak frame with it using a flour and water glue, treated the interior with beeswax and the exterior with "Envirez™, a nautical grade resin made from soya beans", and are planning to cross the English Channel in it. Their maiden voyage did not inspire confidence.

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They call their boat the "Poo Canoe", I suppose because the more accurate "Poo Kayak" doesn't rhyme. It barely survived the first attempt:

As the boat beneath the resin relies completely on being bone dry for its strength, where the water has seeped in the skin was as strong as, er, well, as strong as three sheets of soggy paper, and on the point of catastrophic failure . . . The Poo Canoe has been returned to the workshop for a thorough dry-out and some more Envirez.

They will make their attempt to cross the channel when they have received pledges in support of Wales Air Ambulance for one penny for every ten sheep in Wales. They estimate the sheep population to be 11,978,590 and the sponsorship target is set at £11,978.59.

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