Canal*ACCESSIBLE- different map making


Canal Accessible
is were you can find a map of inaccessible Barcelona on the internet. It ‘s created by people with disabilities using their mobile phone to capture every obstacle they come across in the streets of Barcelona and sending it to this web site. Other ‘canales’ are created by prostitutes transmitting from their mobiles in Madrid, gypsies in León and Lleida and taxt drivers in Mexico, each of them documenting the difficulties of their every day life by non-functionality. Using mass consumer goods like the mobile phone and the internet, the Spanish artist Antoni Abad has with this project managed to make visible what society normally doesn’t want to see.
A great idea about communication and a rich information tool for anyone looking for a challenging and useful design project. ::via the exhibition about the project, Centre d'Art Santa Mónica, la Rambla 7, 08002 Barcelona until the 5th March 06