Canadian Picture Frame TV Channel Burns Up Screens

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We all miss those vacations where we did nothing but leave the windows open to the beach and gazed longingly into the lapping surf, or slept under the stars while camping and listening to the crickets, or sang Christmas carols in front of a crackling fire. Ahhh, vacation. But, having an entire channel of background ambiance just to try to recreate that 'on vacation' feeling sort of misses the mark.

Shaw Communication, a Canadian cable company, is launching an entire channel "The Frame," devoted to background ambiance and picturesque scenes. While we support getting back to nature, we just can't support all the energy wasted for what will essentially be a moving picture on your wall. Initially you can find "The Frame" in Toronto on Channel 225, and will launch nationwide in September 2008. The scenes will change ever 30 minutes, with individual images rotating every 30 seconds.

While we understand what they're getting at — creating a way for those city mice to feel more like country mice while hosting their fabulous parties in the city — we just can't get behind the idea of leaving a tv on all the time just to have a background photo. We're already supposed to be turning out lights when we're not in the room and unplugging all appliances, so it seems a little ridiculous to encourage people to leave the tv on all the time to help create a mood.

A few better ways to create ambiance at your party might be to hang a few twinkle lights in your backyard and citronella tiki-torches and let everyone experience the ambiance of a backyard barbeque. Or use your crank radio to play tunes in the background of that party. Or, hang some really cool pictures up in your living room for ambiance and conversation starters. We've seen those digital picture frames that now adorn coffee tables with cute photos of fluffy and the kids, and while those aren't great, at least its better than burning out the screen of you HDTV just to present the impression of a fake Thanksgiving Turkey on a fake Thanksgiving Table.

Thanks to tipster Brian for giving us the heads up.

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