Canadian Oil Production: Making People Sick?

As the price of oil rose, the Canadian tar sands gained popularity. What most people don't know is that the oil that comes from that region is not such a good deal from an energy and pollution point of view. You can learn more about that in our post titled: "Canadian Oil: At What Price?" But now another problem is surfacing: the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reports that "a high number of illnesses, including leukemia, lymphomas, lupus, and autoimmune diseases, have been diagnosed in Fort Chipewyan, a community of about 1,200 people living 300 kilometres north of Fort McMurray. Elders in the community say they didn't see these kinds of diseases until the oil industry started production near their homes on the southwestern tip of Lake Athabasca." Fort McMurray's Medical Examiner, Dr. John O'Connor, says: "With my increasing lack of ability to explain why I'm seeing such numbers, it worries me and it does call for a health study to be initiated as soon as possible." And if that study discovers conclusive evidence of a link between the oil production and the diseases, let hope Canada does everything necessary to stop poisoning its citizens. ::High illness rate near oilsands worrisome, says Alberta health official, ::Town's high cancer rate cause for alarm, ::Tar Sands at Wikipedia