Canada Wants Fish Bladders and Gelatin Listed On Wine Labels; Vintners Outraged

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Beppi Crosariol of the Globe and Mail notes that new warning labels on wine will tell you that " your favourite beverage contains - I kid you not - fish, eggs or milk." Fining with these materials removes sediment without removing flavor as filtering might. Ingredients requiring listing include:

A derivative of sturgeon bladders (known in the industry as isinglass, though the rules require plain language, namely "fish"), egg whites and milk proteins are all part of the arsenal. So is bentonite, a form of clay, as well as gelatin, typically processed from the hide and connective tissue of livestock.

He thinks it is crazy and confusing, since the stuff is used in the making of the wine but is removed with the sediment, and that labelling is unnecessary. What do you think?

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