Canada Goes Nutso Over Earth Hour


Sydney last year, lights on and off

For some reason the entire country has gone a bit crazy over Earth Hour. Earlier this week more people had signed up for it online in Canada than in the entire United States, with ten times the population. The US has slipped ahead by a few thousand right now, but in Canada one in 606 citizens is on board; in the US it is one in 5,347.

Corporations have jumped on board; the Star notes that McDonalds is turning off every golden arch in the country, saving 10,000 kilowatt-hours, even though in the local right-wing fishwrap, Peter Foster says "Earth Hour is symbolic of a spreading soft fascism, aided by well-meaning individuals and well-meaning and/or cynical and/ or scared corporations."

The Star has devoted an entire special section to the event, including this useful list of what is going on around the world.

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