Can You Design a Better Logo?


The United Nations' documentary film festival is presented by Media Communications Association International. In the past, the logos of these two organizations have been the face of the festival. Now the festival is looking for its own identity.

You could be the designer who brands the Stories from the Field. This festival features films that go behind the scenes of the Millennium Development Goals, which include environmental sustainability along with other key pillars of social equity and the success of our species. The overall winner will be awarded $5000 and the most popular entry in online voting will receive $500. Your entry is due by Monday 26 November 2007 at 11.59pm UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Aside: Since your diligent TreeHugger correspondent doesn't live in the Coordinated Universe, I had to wiki that one. The short conclusion: you need to get your application in about 30 seconds ahead of 23:59 Greenwich Mean Time. The bigger picture: any species that can come up with a time system based on an atomic clock and adjusted to compensate for competing micro-variations in the earth's rotations can certainly achieve a few simple Millennium Development Goals! See Wiki UTC if you want to know what I mean!

The competition is posted by DESIGN21: Social Design Network, which was behind previous competitions posted here such as Heated Issue and the original DESIGN21 logo competition. You can find details on how to enter at the Design21 sdn competitions website.

If your design capability was stunted at birth, then at least tune in to DESIGN21 for the public voting and pick your favorite entry. Voting will be open from 27 November through 3 December at design21 sdn.

The UN film festival, fully titled "Stories from the Field: The United Nations Documentary Film Festival," showcases documentaries by various UN or UN-affiliated agencies as well as by the public. For a film to qualify it must address one or more of the United Nations' eight Millennium Development Goals.

Via: Tip from Jacqueline Khiu, ::design21sdn