Can Reuse Make You a Star?

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The little-known (but rising star) band from Texas, Vocal Trash, has been recycling for over a decade and incorporating green into every show way before green was hip. Part street performers, part green gurus, these five members make reuse fun for kids of all ages.While they may no be well-known, they do have a good time at every show and that is the point, say members Steve Linder and Kelsey Shaw. While they started out playing for small audiences and kids, they now play for some of Texas' biggest state fairs and for major corporations like American Airlines. Some of their song lyrics even incorporate earth-saving lyrics, like "Take care of Mother Earth, because if Mother's not happy, ain't nobody happy."

So how does recycling turn garbage into a loud, raucous, energizing show? Well, it starts out with five members who are trained on trumpet, piano, harmonica and bass, but who quickly colored outside the lines by learning to play car parts, trash cans, lids, water bottles, barrels, pots & pans, buckets, brooms, whatever they can get their hands on and get a rhythm going with. If you've ever participated in a drum-circle, then you might know what this is like. Even their "regular" instruments are made out of recycled materials - guitar = gas can; up-right bass = milk urn; pvc pipe = xylo drums. Their goal over this last decade has been to entertain, have a good time, and to incorporate green into all parts of our daily lives, for example with giving new life to "dead" objects.

If you are a corporate group looking for entertainment, you can customize your show to include the 5 members, plus 3 breakdancers and even other street performers and circus-act type entertainment. Currently vocal trash is on a cross-country tour, so check out their tour dates to catch them at a show or fair near you. :VocalTrash
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