Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Goes Guerrilla Gardening

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Photo: Paul DeBois

Guerrilla gardening has gone mainstream. Yesterday Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall aka the wife of Prince Charles, was at it. And she even took a red double decker bus to get there.

Those Royals are really mixing it up now. Camilla the Guerrilla went with the Guerrilla Gardening Guru, our favourite, Richard Reynolds to prune some lavender in the middle of a busy street.

camila lavender photo

Photo: Paul DeBois

The Duchess, who, like the Prince of Wales is a keen gardener, chopped away at the lavender which had been planted amidst the traffic on a dreary street. With her new name, Camilla the Guerrilla, she joked with photographers and astonished on-lookers, asking if anyone needed a haircut. She brought along her own wooden basket, emblazened with Highgrove (her husband's country estate) on the side.

The lavender is used for the lovely sachets which Guerrilla Gardening makes, using recycled fabric, and sells at Christmas time for presents and fund raising. Now they will have Royal provenance.

bus tour photo

Photo: guerrilla gardening

It's not every day you see the wife of the heir to the throne on a red double decker bus: the front of the bus had her full royal title but didn't take on any passengers.

The Duchess took a tour of several housing estates. She visited Walworth Garden Farm in Southwark, which was established by local residents in 1987 on semi-derelict land. It is a local charity and social enterprise that provides environmental education, training in horticulture, beekeeping courses and garden maintenance services. She went on a tour of the wildlife garden, vegetable garden, orchard and bee-keeping area.

chop chop photo

Photo: Paul DeBois

The bus tour then progressed to Myatts Field Park, a a beautiful listed Victorian park which has undergone a £3 million renovation, including a new playground, café and greenhouse and wildlife area.

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