Cameron Sinclair Wows Toronto

Or at least a small portion of it. Cameron Sinclair deserves better than this lousy photograph (hey, he was backlit!) because he talked for an hour and a half like they did in that old BBC radio show: without hesitation, repetition or deviation, to architects there for mandatory professional development points. I doubt more than 10% knew who he was when they signed up, but they certainly did when they left.

Cameron's Architecture for Humanity is certainly my favourite cause, because they make architecture relevant to the billions of people who we do not normally serve, they respect the talents and skills of the architects who contribute, and they have built the world's largest architecture firm with 4500 designers, all working to arm communities with expertise, technology and social capital. They don't just build quickie shelters but work to build communities based on sustainable prosperity.

Cameron Sinclair shouldn't have been a Saturday morning top-up the schedule with a hung over audience of 100, he should have been the headline speaker, he is that good, and his work is that important. visit and contribute to ::Architecture for Humanity read ::Design Like You Give A damn and join the ::Open Source Architecture Network

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