Cameron Diaz's Green Film Club

Brooke Shields and Kyra Segwick are also taking green steps.

Cameron's eco-documentary, "Power Shift," which explores different energy sources, is making the rounds in a new green video club. The Earth Cinema Circle offers hers, plus a number of other films dedicated to increasing social & environmental awareness. Members get four eco-films every other month for $18.

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Brooke Shield's Eco-steps:

Brooke Shields tries hard to make her two kids' world a "greener" place. The longtime vegetarian is taking small eco-steps. In July's Good Housekeeping, she reveals, "When you make a choice to live better, greener, and more organic, it's not always clear cut I've changed all our products to eco-friendly ones I use all recycled papers products expect toilet paper." Unlike some green-preaching celebs, Brooke is refreshingly real, adding, " just because I can't go all the way I can still make a sizeable difference."
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Krya Sedgwick Greens Her TV Set:

The "Closer" actress is greening up the set of her hit TNT show. She's making sure the cast and crew follow a strict eco-friendly agenda. Among Kyra's green initiatives: all paperwork, including scripts, are to be disturbed via email only, biodegradable products are used for craft service, and no more plastic bottle water! Everyone on set must bring their own reusable bottle.
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Leo's Gal Wants First-hand Fashion:

Leonardo Dicaprio may need to give his gal pal, Bar Refaeli, a few green pointers. According to the New York Post, his model girlfriend is not a "thrift-store gal." On assignment for her upcoming Bravo special, "Tommy Hilfiger Presents Ironic Iconic America," Bar revealed, "All the used stuff is not my thing. I don't even shop at secondhand clothes store."
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