Camden Green Fair

A sunny day in a beautiful park--what better time to wander around a Green Fair experiencing first hand the enthusiasm, commitment and creativity that people have dedicated to the cause. The Camden Green Fair is a great place to catch up on all the newest community groups and organisations working for climate change and environmentalism. Not to mention new books, clothes, and gadgets to help green our lives. Solar was a big theme this year--good thing it was bright out. There was a solar powered loud speaker blaring "don't be a toff, turn it (your lights) off", a solar cinema and a solar circus (pictured) giving power to a children's merry go-round. There was a chance to try your hand at a forge, driven by human pedal-power. The Furniture Reuse Network sells second hand furniture that would otherwise be destroyed--their eye-catching sculpture consisted of furniture painted pastel colours and piled high. Lots of adorable baby clothes including eco diapers for swimming and colourful Jinga shoes, suitable for vegetarian and vegan children, from Brazil. Always great tee-shirts: Ethical Threads were there as were Low & Behold who were taking cash or "very expensive dark chocolate" as payment for theirs. Loved the electric bicycles but they seemed quite heavy to carry upstairs...The Conservative party had a stand with their new slogan: Vote Blue, Go Green. And the food:a tent full of goodies from the Acorn restaurant and to end if off: a (warm) beer from the Workers Beer Co.: "Thirst among equals." :: Camden Green Fair

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