Call for Papers and Concepts: Sustainable Innovation 05

Calling all smarty-pants: The Centre for Sustainable Design’s Sustainable Innovation 05 Conference has been announced for October 28-29, 2005. It will be held in Brussels, Belgium. Supported by the United Nations Environment Programme, the conference will focus on state of the art sustainable product and service development and design and will also provide an update on worldwide developments. Highlighting best practices and providing a range of case studies, Sustainable Innovation 05 will include product designers and engineers, academics, sustainability managers and other business practitioners. The conference is calling for conceptual and research papers, case studies, and product and service concepts to be featured at the event…Conceptual and research-based papers covering sustainable product and services concerning the following topics are welcomed for submission:

>product policy
>product and development processes
>supply chain management
>product-service systems
>education and training
>tools and techniques
>management systems
>organizational dimensions
>performance measurement and metrics
>new business models
>newly industrialized and developing countries

Case studies are also welcome. Of particular interest are papers that
explore how sustainable product-service development and design can enable carbon dioxide reductions, as well as relationships between Corporate Social Responsibility and product development and design.

A Living Laboratory that showcases new sustainable product-service concepts also welcomes submissions for new concepts in sustainable solutions concerning products, services, and product-service systems.

For more information on how to partcipate and submit work, please visit the CfSD Web site. ::Centre for Sustainable Design [by MO]