Call for Entries: Electrolux Design Lab 2008, "The Internet Generation"


The forward-thinking gang at the Electrolux Design Lab are at it again. After crowning E-wash the winner of the 2007 competition whose theme was environmentally-sound, commercially viable products, they've announced a call for entries for the sixth edition of the design competition. This year's theme, for undergraduate and graduate industrial design students to ponder: products for the Internet generation."This year's submissions should be 2-3 years out and should address food storage, cooking and/or washing. Entries should reflect the Internet generation's core interests and concerns like mobility, convenience, time, materials, personalization, entertaining, technology, and sustainability. The Internet generation comprises brand-conscious, busy young professionals between 25-35 who are independent, concerned about the environment, and whose lives are intertwined with technology and online social networks." Sound like something you could do? Get designing, and make a note to submit it before the deadline on May 30. Get all the details at ::Electrolux Design Lab via ::Land+Living.

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