California Will Pay For Your Old Appliances, Just As Soon As DOE Gives Approval

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We reported earlier this year that the US is planning on giving out stimulus funds for a "Cash for...Refrigerators" program and now California is ready to launch their own. The Sacramento Bee reports that California is hoping to get the three most notorious, clunky appliances off the streets and put cash back in consumers hands to purchase Energy Star efficient appliances. And the winners are....refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners. In total California has been awarded $35.2 million in federal funds to implement a cash for appliances program. The federal program set the rebate amounts for each appliance:

- $100 USD for clothes washers
- $75 USD for refrigerators
- $50 USD for room air conditioners.

Customers can also piggyback these rebates onto programs offered by utilities and other organizations for additional savings. For example, the Sacramento utility company offers $100 rebates for the purchase of energy efficient refrigerators and so residents would get this on top of the state refund of $75. Residents just have to purchase appliances that have an Energy Star label and are approved energy efficient models by the California Energy Commission. The CEC notes that while these 3 appliances account for the majority of the ones out there, they are also large users and the state is trying to cut down on peak energy use by getting energy hogs out of the way.

The California Energy Commission will run the state program. While all of the paperwork is being figured out, the state expects to begin offering rebates in Spring 2010. So, while you won't be able to give your loved one a new fridge for the holidays, you can always give them a lovely I.O.U.

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