Calderdale Climate Challenge: Thinking Global, Acting Local


This is the kind of pro-active community effort that makes this TreeHugger's day. A group of informed people, concerned about the effects of climate change, have taken it upon themselves to educate their local communities in West Yorkshire, North England. Thus we have the Calderdale Climate Change team who work with businesses, schools and individuals to tackle climate change through learning, activities and support. The challenge was launched at the end of last year via an email newsletter which was sent to, amongst many others, 3000 Calderdale Council staff. Project co-ordinator Anthony Rae said their mission is, "spreading the news through organisations." This area of Yorkshire has been afflicted by serious flooding in recent years. 'Streets, homes and workplaces have suffered from the flooding, along with the disruption and expense that go with it.' It is encouraging to see Calderdale Climate Change tackling these sometimes overwhelming environmental issues on a local scale, helping to show that climate change is relevant to each person in the community and that it's up to everyone to address the problem together. Even if you don't live in Yorkshire you can find some interesting and accessible information here about what causes climate change, the effects of it and what we can all do to reduce our carbon emissions. via: Make Noise. ::Calderdale Climate Challenge
Another inspiring organisation working in the Calderdale area is Treesponsibility, you can read Sami Grover's interview with project leader Penny Eastwood here

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