caféDiverso Wants Your Stories & Photos

Has that time of the year arrived when you start feeling restless and really want to go on holiday? Well, we might sooth (or fuel?!) your impatience and take you travelling from your armchair (less CO2 for sure) with these stories and photos by the multimedia travel publisher caféDiverso. Because they believe that Everyone Has A Good Story, caféDiverso promote real-life stories and photos of a worldwide network of writers and photographers. That way they ‘explore people and cultures rather than just places, accommodation and activities’ which makes them what they call the new generation of travel publishing.
Voices is the series of books you can browse on their web site or submit your story or photo to for publishing. But Barcelona based caféDiverso isn’t just a publisher, it’s a community of members around the world, connected through a forum, the travelling notebook project and the writers’ and photographers’ corner.If you decide to go for a recycled paper copy, be sure to know that €1 from each book sale is donated to UNESCO endorsed literacy projects. Available books: Everybody Has Good Story, Voices of the World and the Notebook, a blank, unlined journal for your own travels. All the books are bilingual in English & Spanish.
Last but not least, caféDiverso believe that Everyone Has a Good Football Story with the World Cup in full action and want to hear from you. And, together with Channel 4 Ideasfactory, caféDiverso are looking for the new talent for Voices of the UK and Voices of London, so send in your stories to have your work published and earn royalties! ::caféDiverso, partner of the ::UNESCO Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity. If you like these books, check out Change The World For a Fiver by WeAreWhatWeDo.