Bystander's Video of Flash Flood Sweeping Away Cars Goes Viral

The amateur video above was filmed by some unwitting observers of a striking -- and pretty terrifying, really -- flash flood in Australia. The flooding in Australia made the rounds in the news late last month and during the beginning of this one, with an area the size of two Texases entirely underwater at one point. But this video gives the entire event a frighteningly human context: Just wash as the flood surges and washes away an entire parking lot full of cars. And a quick spoiler alert, so you don't have to avert your eyes and clench your teeth while the one guy makes an incredibly ill-advised decision to try to rescue his car from the rising waters: He makes it out okay.

The flooding in Australia rounded out a year filled with disasters caused by extreme weather events, the heat wave in Russia and the flooding in Pakistan being perhaps the most crippling. Not-so-coincidentally, last year also tied for the hottest year on the temperature records.

And as we all know, a warmer climate isn't responsible directly for any one of the tragic events that struck around the world, but it does make such events more likely to occur -- I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a scientist who would say that the catastrophes of 2010 weren't exacerbated by the fact that we're living in a warmer, wetter world.

As for the video, it documents something that's often missing from the stories we read about these global extreme weather events -- a visceral, on-the-ground documentation of what it's like to be there when they occur. It's scary stuff -- and no wonder the video has gone viral.

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