Buy Local Day: Saturday, November 18

This Saturday, November 18, is Buy Local Day. The campaign encourages TreeHuggers everywhere to vote with our dollars in favor of locally owned, independent businesses. It's better for the planet, its people, our communities and our economy, and is something we'd all be better served by doing as much as possible; for us in the US, it's well-timed on the Saturday before a holiday that celebrates giving thanks for a bountiful year and looking forward to more to come. If you're moved to do more than just watch your buying habits, Buy Local Day has a long list of events and resources to go beyond your personal lifestyle choices; you can even get creative and host your own event. So, buy a local turkey, visit a local bookstore, or have a meal at a local restaurant, and support charming, independent and greener business. ::Buy Local Day via ::green LA girl

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