Buy a Litter-Robot, Help Animals in the Gulf

photo litter robot nwf gulf

Talk about not getting your hands dirty. A Pontiac, Michigan, company sells a gadget called the Litter-Robot. No, it's not a consumer WALL-E. It's an electronic litter box that scoops the poop for you.Seven minutes after the cat is done, the Litter-Robot turns to sift the excrement, depositing it into a nice bag for future cleanup. So what's the news? The company that makes this Death Star-shaped device is donating a portion of sale profits to the National Wildlife Federation, to help animals impacted by the ongoing Gulf oil spill.

The campaign, which lasts through the month of July, will probably help the company sell a few more Litter-Robots. And at $329 per Litter-Robot, the NWF will hopefully get a decent check, too. And even after the month is over, the Litter-Robot will save you as much as 50 percent on litter, the company says.

Considering the carbon footprint of having a pet (but rescuing an animal from the incinerator), this is something to consider. And this comes from someone who has a cat that seems to excrete twice what she's fed, no matter what she's fed. Sorry for putting that picture in your head.

The Litter-Robot holds several days worth of waste, the company says (apparently from a normal cat), "giving you the time and freedom to do the things you enjoy." This story seems to have an Independence Day hook, too. It's made in the USA, after all. Have a good one.

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