Butterball Turkey Facility Raided in Response to Horrifying Undercover Video Expose

butterball turkey abuse north carolina raidMercy for Animals/CC BY 2.0

Earlier this week, animal rights group Mercy for Animals released a video documenting abuses at a Butterball turkey semen collection facility in North Carolina. Filmed by an MFA agent who worked at the facility for several weeks, the video shows workers kicking turkeys, bashing their heads with iron bars and dragging them by their necks and wings.

In a victory for animal rights, MFA's allegations of abuse did not fall on deaf ears- officials raided the facility this morning, ABC News reported. Investigators at the Hoke County Sheriff's Department will inspect more than 2,000 birds for signs of mistreatment.

On its web site, MFA pointed out that even if the turkeys weren't brutally treated by workers, the very nature of their existence in the factory farm constitutes abuse:

Unfortunately, the lives of turkeys in Butterball's factory farms are short, brutal and filled with fear, violence and prolonged suffering. While wild turkeys are sleek, agile and able to fly, Butterball's turkeys have been selectively bred to grow so large, so quickly, that many of them suffer from painful bone defects, hip joint lesions, crippling foot and leg deformities, and fatal heart attacks.

Butterball condemned the workers who were caught on camera, saying it would fire them immediately, but did not acknowledge systematic abuse of the turkeys.

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