Busker Turns Bike into Travelling Drum Kit

TreeHugger has been writing about bicycles a lot lately: bike bags, bike sharing, bike moves, but what about bike busking...

David Osborne has turned his bike into a travelling musical instrument. It takes 20 minutes to transform his bike into a drum kit with 5 cymbals, 3 snare drums and a foot pedal. He can transport everything he needs for his gigs on just two wheels.

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Image from Vimeo by Woody

A new arrival from Australia, Osborne said he had "no car, no drums, and a need to create beats." He was sitting in a park looking at his bike and "dreaming of ways to build my environmental friend." Not wanting to carry his drums on the subway, he decided to turn his bike frame into a drum kit which would double as a carrying case for his instruments. He made it out of bowls found in a charity shop, children's toys and old drums. The whole kit and kaboodle can be fitted into two carry-bags and a back pack.

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Image from Evening Standard

He started busking in the edgy east end of London. His first time out he made enough in an hour to cover a week's rent. Then somehow word spread and next thing he knew, he was playing at the chi-chi Milan Furniture fair.

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Image from Puncturekit

The buzz gained momentum, as he was riding and beating his drums, and last week he was at the Brighton Fringe Festival. Now he is invited to the holiest of all English festivals--Glastonbury. Puncturekit Via :: Evening Standard
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