Business Card Becomes Garden



There are little holes punched on the dust cover of the new Worldchanging book; the cover of the book itself is white. According to Alex Steffen, Designer Sagmeister Inc. designed them so that as the book ages, it will change, as light and, we suppose dirt, get through the holes and colour the cover. In this age of online reading, clever designers are making formerly static print materials do interesting things. Here is another example:

Zurich Landscape architects Tur & Partner market themsleves with a postcard embedded with seeds that grow over the through holes in the plans printed on the card. BldgBlog calls it "a portable garden:impregnated with seeds, in the photosynthetic presence of sunlight and water, the paper eventually sprouts." Advertising for Peanuts says: While most direct marketing pieces get thrown in trash before they are even opened, this one slowly starts to grow on you - literally.::Bldgblog