Business 2.0 Goes Out in Style

Not with a whimper but a bang, Business 2.0's last issue has a long article on Pacific Gas and Electric, San Francisco's power company that has been the subject of many TreeHugger posts. Not everyone loves them and they still are building liquified gas and gas fired power plants, but they are investing in smart meters, plug-in hybrids, wave and tidal power and solar. CEO Peter Darbee is preparing for a storm of climate-change regulation: "There is going to be mandatory carbon regulation within the next two to three years...We are going to be ready for it. There is a saying I learned during my days on Wall Street: You don't fight the tape."

Also a surprising article about Gaviotas, Columbia- "This village could save the planet".

Readers interested in green business have lost a useful resource. ::Business 2.0