Burning the Future: Coal in America

Burning The Future: Coal in America - Trailer from coalmovie on Vimeo.

Have we mentioned that we don't like the idea of mountaintop removal mining for coal? Neither does film-maker David Novack, so he made a movie that is a searing indictment of it, that is opening tonight in New York.

The film follows Marie Gunnoe and a group of citizens who are faced with floods, contaminated water and life-threatening illnesses that they blame on the mining.


Bruce Nilles, Director, National Coal Campaign, Sierra Club says " "This compelling and timely film burns through the 'clean coal' rhetoric of industry front groups, showing the harsh truth of the coal story and urging us all to curb our energy use and rely more on clean energy to power our society."

I found the story shocking, that citizens can have their homes washed away or their water poisoned and cannot get anyone to listen to them or believe them. the film-maker says "Faced with toxic ground water, the obliteration of 1.4 million acres of mountains, and a government that appeases industry, our heroes demonstrate a strength of purpose and character in their improbable fight to arouse the nation's help in protecting their mountains, saving their families, and preserving their way of life."

I found the "heroes" occasionally annoying and repetitive but overall this is a film worth seeing if you care about the rights of Americans to maintain their way of life in the face of big coal, big propaganda and very big dump trucks. ::Burning the Future

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